Caring in Bristol: Call for donations

This December, 5 Foot Way is taking part in the annual Caring in Bristol Christmas project. Caring in Bristol provides warm, safe accommodation, food and social activities to homeless and vulnerable people in Bristol over the festive season to 1st January. We will be preparing a meal for 150 guests of the 250 daily visitors who rely on them at this time of year.

We will likely make a big vat of rice and serve it with sayur lodeh (Malaysian veggie coconut curry) and a turkey curry; and if we raise enough we will do some pudding too.
How can you help? Send us some cash and we will use it to buy the ingredients – we will cook it all up and deliver it to the venue and help serve the food.
If you are so inclined we will also be collecting warm clothing to take along – socks, gloves and hats – for women and men – gloves hats and scarves can be ones you no longer like or wear, but washed and clean. Socks need to be new (thick and warm ones). We will collect it all together and drop it off closer to the time.
Financial donations can be made easily via PayPal with this link – or you can wire us the money if you already have our bank details.
Thank you for helping to make a difference to some of the homeless in Bristol!

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