About 5 Foot Way

Why 5 Foot Way?

A “Five Foot Way” is a covered walkway found in front of traditional two storey shophouses found all over South East Asia. These sheltered arcades provide shelter from the beating hot sun and monsoon rains. Small businesses often set up shop in these walkways selling all manner of things – from tasty snacks and spices to household paraphernalia and souvenirs. Street food stalls also thrive in these compact spaces with vendors selling their families’ inherited secret dishes, passed down from generation to generation, feeding all the locals who always have their favourite noodle stall here or satay stall there, and claim to know where the ‘best’ curry can be found. Food is not just a passion but a way of life for most South East Asians.


About Us

5 Foot Way is based near Bristol. It was set up by a greedy British Malaysian, who taught herself to cook all her favourite dishes using family recipes and lots of research, and her spicy food scoffing English husband. We want to share authentic South East Asian street food experiences and enjoy feeding people. We have run occasional pop-up markets and street food events in London for a few years and finally taken the plunge, moved to the South West and quit our day jobs to concentrate on the business full-time. We team up with other passionate street food entrepreneurs and are developing the business in different ways. Pop-ups and markets will still feature, but we now cater for parties and events, run supper clubs and plan to start a lunchbox delivery service in the future.

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