Press and Reviews

5 Oct 2013 Pop-up South East Asian Street Food Market

Coverage from CBS-ABN on the market and Pepe’s Kitchen

Pepes Kitchen 2

Another great blog account from Josh Hoskin on 5 October

Rangoon Sisters give us the lowdown on their first street food venture.

Rangoon Sisters

Chickpea fritters

Woolfson & Tay’s happy account of their debut as street food vendors selling nasi lemak, their Bankside favourite

Fran and me

A lovely write up from Food Rehab’s blog – “The Most Glorious Food Coma


Press coverage of our 5 October 2013 Pop-Up South East Street Food Market

Nee Hao Magazine

The ArtsFeast kicks off this weekend (Sat 5 Oct) at 5FootWay, a Southeast Asia street food market in the heart of Bankside…more

Don’t Panic Online

Southeast (SE) Asian street food is amongst the best in the world and is well-known for the diversity of its flavours and influences…more

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